As we all relish the idea of purchasing the newest, fastest, and most high-tech gadgets and using them to make our lives easier, are there negative consequences that we fail to consider? How have our lives changed as we become more dependent on the lastest technologies? Are the things we give up worth the fun and convenience? What do YOU think? Write 4-5 sentences explaining your views.


katie newsome
09/17/2012 2:39pm

i think that technology helps us be more advance in medicne and more advance in socalism. howerver with all the technology that we do have we lose the sight of being active and being in a group with people just talking.

Da'Nasia Campbell
09/18/2012 4:57pm

Technology helps us in many ways every thing we do today is based off technology. Were bringing in more money because every time something new comes out were going out to buy it, so it kind of helping out the economy. But I also think technology make it easy for the police to spy on us.

Jovonta Pimpleton
09/21/2012 2:00pm

I think that technology has a bunch of good impacts on society. Technological advances are creating more consumer goods like IPads and the new IPhone 5 and its getting the economy moving. Technology also has made communication more convenient ex. Oovoo, Skype, Facebook. There is a drawback with the communication because at the same time a lot of the new technology is causing people socially awkward when it comes to face to face conversations.

Stephanie Van Oost
09/18/2012 9:11am

Technology has helped change America in a good way. It has advanced our medical program and many other areas. Technology has however impacted America in a bad way as well. It has allowed our government to spy with ease, decreased verbal communication within citizens and overall changed the way people think. I do not think that the technology advances are worth the concequences.

Mycah Heintz
09/18/2012 9:56am

Technology has changes they way we live in both a positive and negative way. A positive way that technology has helped America is with the medical field. Without the technology we have today in the medical field, many people wouldn't be here right now. It is also a good this for going into war zones to help find the major threats. It has affected America in negative ways as well. The government can watch us whenever they want, follow everything we do on the computers or on our cell phones. There are cameras everywhere. It has also taken away the personal communication that used to be. Families are further apart than they ever have been due to the technology that America has today. More and more people are contacting each other over Facebook or Twitter or cell phones and the personal thoughtfulness has been taken away.

Luke Smigiel
09/18/2012 10:01am

Tecnology has beneficial and negative impacts on the world. I do think that people become addicted to their technology, which is not neccesarially bad. It becomes a problem when people forget how they functioned without select pieces of technology, such as an iPhone. I do not have a problem with technological advances, they keep the nation growing. Technology is supposed to make life easier, so I let it. I just think its important to keep your mind educated too.

Nicole Beurkens
09/18/2012 10:01am

Technology has helped America in a positive and a negitive way. It has helped America become more advance in many ways. But there are alot of people that are addicted to their technology and depend on it everyday. I do not have a problem with new technology, it makes every day life a lot easier and it helps our nation grow.

09/18/2012 10:03am

Technology is a really great thing and sometimes we depend too much on it. Technology is great until it doesn't work and then everyone seems to be so helpless. Technology is convenient in making it easier to communicate with each other, to learn a lot more about the past and the future and also to keep people safe and healthy. As we become more dependent we sometimes lose our old habits and become incapable of doing tasks the old fashioned way. We have to realize that technology can be used in bad ways as well and be aware of everything around us. As good as technology is we must remember that not everything should be the most advanced as it can be. Technology is very convinient and it will continue to only get more and more advanced from here.

Lexii Gardner
09/18/2012 10:08am

I think that technology has had a negative effect on our lives today. My whole family hardly ever talks to each other when dinner is ready my dad will text me to let me know and to say good night. Relationships also aren't what they used to be because of technology friends aren't the same because of facebook and twitter. It eliminates the confrontation between people. When i pick someone up I don't even go up to the door I will text or call them because it is so much easier. It has also taken away a lot of our privacy. Every text you send is accessible to your parents, the phone company, and the government. Anything that you say online or text isn't pricate. But technology has also provided us with so many great discoveries with medicine and all kinds of things which is amazing. It has also helped us to catch criminals much easier then before.

Dallas Roberts
09/18/2012 10:08am

Although having all of the new technolgy that we have makes life alot easier, it would be nice for them to not be around all the time. i think that people are becoming to dependent on the fact that we dont have to do everything ourselves and a computer will do it for us. I think that people take advantage of social networking sites and texting in order to communicate with each other. When it comes to confrontation or a problem that someone has with another, people think that it is easier to type it out instead of saying it to someone in person. Although cell phones and computers are convient, i feel like the more the progress they make with technology the harder it is going to be go without it. It would be nice to get away from all of it and have it used less than it is today.

Jason Haisma
09/18/2012 10:52am

I feel technology is a great addition to modern day society. I feel it ha changed the whole face of social interaction between each other and allows people to stay more connected to one another. I do not feel that peoples dependency for the latest technologies to be negative in any way. Sure, information is being given out on social networks, but people have the power to control what is said and if people do not look at the down sides before they place personal information that is there personal fault and it will always end up with problems. Some people complain about data farming, but I see that as just away to advertise stuff you are interested in and also to help alert police if you are up to something suspicious.

Jaucque'ne Betts
09/18/2012 11:03am

I think that the technology that we use in today's social is not worth all trouble we go. Once we finally have the it, there is much more of a problem then before. I honest think that we as a society could live without all of the technology that we depend on so much. There were ways of doing things before technology so its not like we would be completely lost with it.

Cassidy Zainea
09/19/2012 5:27am

I think technology is helpful for someone who needs it but also it lets the government track what we are searching. Most citizens are dependent on technology and do all their work with it. Technology doesn't waste paper unless we print it, as a result, we are saving trees and keeping the enviroment full of oxygen. I dont like how the government can spy on whatever we are doing though, they dont need to know everything we are doing if it's not bad.

Oscar Zegunis-Breen
09/18/2012 11:16am

I think technology is good in the sense that it has expanded our ability to communicate globally. We can predict economic flucuations, government decisions, and scientific advancements through social networks, news websites, and scientific journals all published online. However, with this knowledge comes a price, and that involves invasion of our privacy in order to protect this freedom of knowledge, and regulate its impact on others. Our dependency on technology, and the entertainment it creates makes this naive sense of safety. The tracking chips in our products, cameras on every corner, and the fact that you cannot remain anonymous anymore personally freaks me out. However, I believe it will turn out okay in the long run because the citizens have some extent of power over the lawmakers, no matter how minimal.

Meridith O'Brien
09/18/2012 11:50am

I think that technology is a nice thing to have but can be dangerous since people can watch whatever you are doing. If people can go into all of the history of what you have said online or any sites that you have been on that is an invasion of privacy. People can just look at all your account information and any credit cards or personal information that you have on them. People have become dependent on technology to stay in touch with people and plan events through online medias. Using technology has become a part of daily life in most peoples lives. The rights to privacy should be protected to all who are on the internet.

09/18/2012 12:26pm

the negative consequences that we have failed to consider i think are that we are losing are ability to talk to people face to face. i think that the advices in ssociety have been worht the negatives that have come along with it.

Baylee Wilson
09/18/2012 12:35pm

Technology has made life easier with all of its advancements, but it has also caused problems. Technology has made it easier to keep in touch with others, for example, facebook, and twitter. But, technology has also allowed the government able to spy on us easily. It has also made people become more lazy, and has decreased face to face communication between people.

Matt Noblett
09/18/2012 1:05pm

I believe that technology has made life much easier. Before there were cars, air planes or even trains travel took a lot of time. Horse and buggy was the only way of travel, and going to and from town was a couple day trip. Now we simply hop in the car, run down to the local Meijer and grab out weekly/by-weekly grocery's. Additionally, technology has made staying in touch with others much easier. You can make a simple phone call and be all caught up with someones life.

Josh Schwallier
09/18/2012 1:10pm

Technology has definitely helped America advance and improve our everyday life. It has allowed us to talk to our family and friends that are in different states, has greatly improved the medical field, and has overall improved our lives. However, there are also many negative consequences that come with technology. As technology advances, we are becoming progressively more dependent on our technology. Some people cannot even get off their phones or computers for more than a few hours. In addition, technology has taken away a lot of privacy. We can now be monitored almost anywhere because of technology, and everything we do on our phones and computers is monitored. Still, even though it has had negative consequences, technology has greatly improved our lives. As long as we do not become too dependent on our technology, I think the benefits will outweigh the negative consequences.

Rachel Berg
09/18/2012 1:11pm

Yes, i do think that technology has a negative impact on us. For instance, once someone goes on facebook/twitter they generally get addicted to it, weapons are becoming more dangerous, privacy is violated, and it tears family conversations apart. In addition, our lives have changed because medicine is becoming more advanced and more cures are being invented. Not to mention, for those of us who love to shop, it is becoming easier to shop online instead of wasting gas money to go to numerous stores. Overall, i think that comparing the positives to the negatives, the disadvantages outweigh and therefore i do no think the things we give up are worth the convenience and fun technology allows us to have.

Jake Martin
09/18/2012 1:35pm

Technology has become a huge part in almost everyone's life and we have grown so dependent on our technology that we find it hard to live without it sometimes. There are definately negatives to having so much technology, but the positives outweight the negatives. The United States has grown so much because of technology. If we didnt have as much technology as we have today, the medical, teaching and every other feild wouldnt be as advanced as it is today.

Emily Froman
09/18/2012 1:42pm

Yes I do believe being in the technology era, our lives have changed dramatically. Kids have grown to not having to do work to get what they want. They just have this gadget in front of them that does it for them. The things we give up for technology are not worth it. We miss out on life like having real friends and real things; not just poking someone on facebook. We miss out on learning and growing on our own, which ultimately leads to relying on everyone else and our soceity will fall because of it.

Liz Mayo
09/18/2012 3:02pm

I believe that along with anything in life there are negatives and positives. It is amazing how far the medical field has come; there are many life saving techniques that would have never happened without technology. But we tend to over look, along with the good comes the bad. Many children that are eight have cell phones and text all day, this is detrimental to their learning of communication. It is much more convenient to text your friend instead of call, but isn’t more fun to talk to the person you like for hours on end hearing their voice?

Megan Versen
09/18/2012 3:28pm

Technology has changed our world in both a positive and negative way. The positive side to the new found technology is that now we can look and find locations or missing items easier than before. It is also a lot easier to keep in contact with those of our loved ones who do not live around us, and in general an easier way to get ahold of others. The negatives about this technology is that we don't really think about who all can see what we post or do on the Internet. Sometimes we post things with out thinking, but it has a way of coming bac and hurting us Inge long run because of who may have seen it. Government is also using technology to become very involved in people's everyday lives, without us even knowing about it, which makes it very creepy.

Josh Glowacki
09/18/2012 3:33pm

Technology has given positives and negatives. On the possitive side, it has given us ways to communicate online, provide entertainment in electronic games, and help to study and produce better medicines. But the negatives is that people have been abusing it. Governments have been using new technology to spy on people. Sure it is helpful when it results in stoping crimes for preventing fires, but most people are upset about it because the government is completely invading their privacy when doing this.

Stephanie Dykema
09/18/2012 3:39pm

There are positive and negative aspects to having as much technology as our society has. Facebook, cell phones, and twitter make it easier to communicate with friends and family but we also lose the ability to have a real conversation in person with someone because technology has made communicating so much easier. Technology is also nice because it provides many services for us. Cell phone apps and GPS make it easier to travel but many people do not have the ability to read a map anymore. While technology is very useful and provides many services to people, it can also be negative. Many people also do not realize that what they post on the internet will be there forever and it can become a safety issue. Also, social networking sites such as Facebook make it easier for people to bully other people. I think that it is just necessary to think about what you say and do on the internet and keep in mind that technologies such as cell phones and iPods will not solve all of our problems.

09/18/2012 4:04pm

I think we need to find time to separate ourselves from technology. We become so reliant on it, we can't function without it. When I was a kid I spent nearly all of my free time outside and rarely watched tv. Nowadays you'd be hard-pressed to find a kid outside, and it's only going to get worse. This needs to stop.

Tayler Truskoski
09/18/2012 4:20pm

Technology has become a huge part of today's society. Many of us rely on it to communicate with other people. The medical field has also advanced to technology. The negative things about technology is that many people spend hour on twitter or Facebook instead of doing more important things.

Josh price
09/18/2012 5:14pm

Technology has both benefits and down falls. Technology benefited America in the medical field, along with its security here and over seas. But it comes with negative effects, like the government can keep tabs on us thru are Phones, and the internet. Also people are becoming more dependent on technology, Forgetting how to function in day to day life.

Trenton Turmell
09/18/2012 5:46pm

Technology is A great tool for today society. Technology has helped mankind advance at a rapid rate. It has landed up on the moon (and mars), it has cured world wide illness, and has helped secure the safety of the american people.

Hannah Combs
09/18/2012 5:51pm

I believe that technololgy is good for things such as schooling and teh medical field. It makes it easier for teacher to post assignment online then passing out papers to everyone. But it is also negative. Kids are starting to get the newest technology at a younger age. When I was 10 I did not have cellphone or an Ipad. I think this ruins the social aspect of their lives. They learn to communicate through technology rather than in person.

Adam Bauer
09/18/2012 6:03pm

I think that technology has had both a positive and negative on the world. The obvious positive effects are making everyday life more simple and scientific advances. However, often times we ignore the possible negative effects that at associated with advanced technology. The main downside with such advanced technology is the lack of privacy.

Chris Grandy
09/18/2012 6:06pm

Technology has decreased the size of our world in way that most people see as a positive thing. The truth in the matter is it can be a negative thing as well, as we become more and more dependent on technology we'll become easier to control and easier to manipulate for someone else's purpose. It makes people dumber in a time where that can be a dangerous thing

Hunter Helsel
09/18/2012 6:07pm

I believe that there are many negatives that we do not see because we are blinded with all of the newest technologies that come out. We have lost many social skills due to the internet, but that does not mean that newer technology is a bad thing. We have advanced so much in the medical field that technology has greatly helped us. I do believe that big brother and the government has taken technology a little overboard with all of the spying equipment that is being used in modern society.

Gabbie Pratt
09/18/2012 6:46pm

Technology has improved the world significantly. The major area that it has helped is in the medical field. Doctors are able to keep all of their patients' information organized and quickly accessible if it is needed. The information can also be transferred to another medical personnel quickly with and with ease. This is just one area that technology has greatly advanced and is therefor a reason why keeping up with technology is a good thing.

Rebecca Clark
09/18/2012 6:47pm

Technology has changed this nation in both a negative and positive way. the more negative aspect is that nothing is private anymore. everything that you type, or say could be recorded. this has decreased our privacy by a great amount. not only is there a privacy issue, but most people do not interact the same way that they used to. talking in person is decreasing; face to face contact is becoming obsolete. face to face interaction needs to occur more often to rebuild the younger generations.

Courtney Stephan
09/18/2012 6:50pm

I believe that technology is a negative affect on our world today. People today have lost face to face communication with their friends and family. Friends use facebook or twitter to talk to each other now and family uses cell phones to say when dinner is. Parents use them to tell their son or daughter if they are there to pick them up. We also lost privacy. The government, our phone company, and our parents can access any text message or phone call we have made. There are also many advantages as well. We have all the information we need at out fingertips either on our cell phones or laptops. Also we have advanced in our medical field as well.

Liz Norry
09/18/2012 6:59pm

Technology has had a negative and positive impact on our lives. Everyone is caught up in their phone, or latest technology and they do not realize what is going on around them. We are so caught up in the technology world, to the point where if our phone gets stolen or it is misplaced people have a "mini heart attack". On the other hand, technology is great for educational purposes, but most of the time, it is not used for that purpose! It is also more convenient because we can get ahold of people faster. But on the downside, people are losing their social skill ability.

Kenia Bonano
09/18/2012 7:07pm

There is lots of negatives when it comes to technology. We are blinded by it because of all the cool "new features", all that new features can also be a good thing. Like if someone loses their iPhone they can just tracked it with this thing called a tracking device. So technology CAN be will be dangerous and also fun.

Brad Hale
09/18/2012 7:18pm

When we get the newer gadget we fail to see the fact that someone can use it against us for their personal gain. We also fail to see this because we are so dependent on them. People have come to depend on this and its sad that most people can not function without it. These thing are rather handy though so its worth the risk but we just have to be careful.

Eric Burchard
09/18/2012 8:13pm

The expansion of knowledge and the advancement of technology is simply human nature. Humanity is gifted with the ability to process complex notions and also to further build upon such ideas through question and reason. Technology has progressed drastically since the (recorded) beginning of human civilization, from the crafting of spears as tools and weapons to the landing of a human on the moon. In essence, the world as perceived today would clearly not be what it is in contemporary times without the advancements in technology. Medicine (cures and life-prolonging breakthroughs), weaponry and weapon-defense (atomic bombs, firearms and airport scanners), as well as a vast array of scientific realizations have all benefited humans in at least one particular form, all of these ideas being the result of the furtherance of technological achievement. However, the individual is becoming increasingly more prone to lose rights and privacy, as well as safety, in the name of technological expansion. Criminals, terrorists, or even one's own national government can gain control of (or as it pertains to the government; create) pieces of technology that may appear to benefit the individual, but however can be altered or abused to hurt, prostitute, or destroy him/her. Though technology is a great aspect of human nature, it severely diminishes human responsibility (physically - reducing manual labor; mentally - removing the need to strengthen or even operate one's cognitive abilities to solve a problem or reason) and creates a sense of laziness. In turn, the more "productive" or "better, bigger, and faster" technology is desired by the individual, always desiring to be the most "up-to-date" and wielding the newest technology. Overall, technology has benefited (and continues to benefit) humanity, however, the expansion of such a concept past certain limits yields the terrible possibility of corruption and destruction as it pertains to the human itself. The furtherance of technology is needed and provoked, for it "betters" the standard of living and allows humanity to understand more about, well, everything; from the universe to the creation of man. On the other hand, the allowance of technology to be used for reasons deemed unnecessary or as part of a far-fetched plan is how a great concept of human nature becomes detrimental and dangerous.

09/19/2012 10:07am

*4-5 Sentences

Brenna Ingram
09/18/2012 8:17pm

Technology has definitely made an impact on the world in both negative and positive ways. It is beneficial in the medical field by developing new treatments,can assist in war, and can help to stabilize the economy. Technology may seem to be a necessity, but it is actually hurting American citizens in a scary way. Through the technological advances the government can watch everyone's lives. There is no such thing as privacy. Anything someone types, says, or does can and will be recorded. Also the use of cellphones is getting out of hand. Many people rely on their cellphone in everyday situations which ultimately reduces face-to-face contact. Tweeting, texting, and skyping have become a social norm where having a conversation in person is out of style.

Paul Phillips
09/19/2012 5:05am

I feel that discovering new technologies should definitely have some boundaries. It's great that these computer companies have been able to redefine what one used to call a phone, as well as the other smarter more green efficient running technology too. National Security is a very important part of our country, inside and out. It's not the new surveillance technology that bothers me, but the fact that the government is pushing that fine line between protection from potential harm, and having complete domestic control.

jeremy crater
09/19/2012 5:13am

Technology has changer and effected everybody in the world. The fact that the government thinks that there technology will always work is crazy. Technology will fail at one point and when it dose there is nothing to fall back on so the government should use a balance of old and new methods to fight crime. technology iss good but we cant just relay on it to protect us.

Jared morse
09/19/2012 5:44am

We all desire the most high tech accessories because thats what we have become. We are fascinated by it, but I do not think that we are controlled by it.I think that advancements in technology can only benefit us. It can help tremendously in hospitals and even to help save the environment. Examples like stem cell research and electric cars.

Adrian Rylski
09/19/2012 5:54am

Media companies do an excellent job selling their products. They make us always desire more and more and conspiracies are around that say they purposely flaw their products when they release them. I do not believe the fun and convenience is worth it. We sacrifice much of our civil liberties for these benefits. our privacy should not be taken away for these products that companies make us seem to need.

Elisha Szczepaniak
09/19/2012 6:00am

Most products nowadays have ways of tracking and finding people, but this can be bad if in the wrong hands. Technology has changed us as children no longer ask why they simply need to google the answers and that is what they need. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "If one gives up liberties for securities, they deserve neither", and I believe it is best said like that. We need not give up our rights for easier access to information.

Aaron Nelson
09/19/2012 6:17am

Of course, pressing the button on your remote laying in the couch is much easier and more convenient then walking over to press the button on your T.V., but it's shouting two words: Lazy dependency. Don't get me wrong, technology is a phenomina, but sometimes its appropiate to say its not at all necessary, a waste of money, and resources. For example, take an accessory like an Ipod Touch. I do not own one so i have no first hand experiance with one, but there's been several new models in just the past years. I can understand when hardware upgrades its not as easy of a task as buying a new one to keep up with the Joneses, but as far as software goes it's a lot better to just do a digital upgrade, not a physical one.

09/19/2012 6:19am

I believe that technology is necessary to a certain extent. We have the technology so we might as well use it but we don't need our lives to revolve around it. We focus way to much of our time texting, tweeting, or calling when we could be talking to people in person.

Nicholas Kubiak
09/19/2012 6:24am

The technology we hold now is so far ahead of the equipment we had say ten years ago. Not only can we go farther then we did before but we are still rapidly advancing in the tools and items we own. The technology we obtained doesn't host any threat to us yet. This depends on the user and right now nothing is interfering with my life. So my conclusion is that lets enjoy the present and worry about the future later.

Cole V.
09/19/2012 6:51am

As with nearly everything that makes one happy, there is always consequences with new technology, no matter how appealing it may (or may not) be. Society as a whole (excluding a minority of individuals, of course) appears to rely on recent technology for many things; banking, shopping, and communication especially, to the point that some actually do depend on these devices; without them, these people would have a difficult time of many different activities. Those who do engage in social networking, or some sort of website or application designed to share information (sometimes about other people), are doing exactly that - sharing the information to every other soul that happens upon the webpage, not to just their friends or co-workers. Essentially, newer technology usually ends with information about people being given out to any internet user, whether they want to, or not. So, the question is: Is the convenience of technology worth the violation of privacy that occurs? That is up for debate, and both sides have many arguements and points to sell. All this author can say is "Choose your friends wisely."

09/19/2012 7:35am

Technology can make things more simple and more easy to do, but at the same time becoming relient on things like this make everything worse relying on cell phones to do things or relying on computers to do all our work. Even electornic fake hearts and lung implants an such are depedent on technolgy so peoples lives our based on living of these such. Technology can always be a good thing but if you keep pushing me and more and start becoming so relient on it that it has to be used then it because a bad thing and its thoose train tracks to become not so good anymore.

Troy Vugteveen
09/19/2012 7:38am

Technology is a great thing for us. It helps us communicate faster then we could around 10 years ago. Technology has brought us things like stem cell research which is very helpful to get farther in life. It also can be a bad thing though because we rely on it so much that if it was to not work then we would be lost. Our privacy though is gone due to the amount of technology we have today. I believe that technology is great though because it has helped the medical field as well as fighting in war.

Rachel Sironen
09/19/2012 4:46pm

I believe that technology has had negative and positive effects on society today. It has been positive because we are able to reach people easily or find our way to places using a GPS if we are lost. It has also made for great entertainment. As for the negative side, technolgy has almost destroyed America. We have learned to rely on technology too much and we are unable to do simple tasks without it.

Bailey Brown
09/20/2012 4:52am

Yes there are a few different ways that the new technology effect our lives in a negative way. Humans become more reliable on things like a calculator and their phones. If someone has a question on how to spell a word they don't look it up in a dictionary, they type it into their phone and see what comes up. I believe that the things we give up are not worth the newest high tech toy. And soon people will totally be reliable on these things and not be able to do anything for themselves.

Ben Poindexter
09/20/2012 4:00pm

I believe that there are many negative consequences to technology that we never pause to consider. The most obvious of these is the fact that we accept technologies decisions without question. Whenever we rely on technology to bring up a map or to translate a phrase we slowly lose the will and the ability to make these decisions ourselves. This may seem great right now due to the convenience that it presents our society. However, in the future we will rely on technology even more in our everyday lives. At what point will the machines make all of the decisions for us, instead of the other way around? These inventions benefit us in many ways today, but in the future the consequences of depending on technology may far outweigh the benefits.

The End

Matt Barney
09/23/2012 3:15pm

Technology has helped us a lot. For example they have made clap on lights so u can turn the light on when you have full hands. Technology helps the world in tremendous ways.

Elizabeth Sawyer
10/24/2012 4:11pm

Technologies advancements have improved our lives in many ways, but we have become too dependent on them. Our lives have been made simpler but also less social. Society has more comfort in online chatting then a face to face conversation. It has changed out language and the way we communicate. Overall it is a benefit to have technology if people could have more self control there would not be as many issues.

Andrea O
10/24/2012 4:57pm

No, giving up certain things for having more fun and being more acccurte is not right. One day the world could loose all its technology and everyone would be screwed. People forget the basic writing of how to write cursive, and how to do simple multiplication of math and use a caculator or the computer to get it done. Simple questions that are written in many books in librarys, many poeple look it up online because its faster,.... But sometimes the information might not be accurate because people can change the information online.

Jon Mercer
10/24/2012 5:01pm

There are loss of privacy consequences with new technology, but if you don't have anything to hide "who cares." Our lives rely so much on technology that if we did not have these technologies our whole country would suffer. These technologies make life and work easier so we incorporate them so much it would be very hard to function without them. These technologies are worth the consequinces because they provide us with entertainment, ease and speed. Why would we give these up if all they can do is monitor us if we are doing nothing.

Kyle Froze
10/26/2012 5:57am

People are manipulated in many ways in this day in age. With technology becoming more and more crucial in everyday lives are world revolves around technology. We are manipulated by commercials online. Also what people say on the internet are manipulating. Music is also manipulating with lyrics and subliminal messages and what not. Also the illuminati
Sincerely Kyle Frozley

Zoey Heintz
10/26/2012 11:10am

I believe that today's society has definitely become more dependent on technology. People are deceived by what the television or internet says, that they become more likely to believe it. Also, people depend on their phones to get somewhere, instead of using an actual paper map. Society is just becoming manipulated by today's technology.


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